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Unfortunately the residence is closed, we are looking for possibilities to restart the project.

The pictures at this site show the residence in Olofström in the period 2012 - 2014.

The artist-in-residence project in southern Sweden was located in the old Nebbeboda Skola, 9 kms outside Olofström;

the school that offered light in the darkness for the young Harry Martinson, Swedish writer and Nobel Laureate Literature 1974 

("His writings summarize the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos")


The residency was closely associated with the Art & Technology project that arranged collaboration between freethinking artists 

from around the globe and industry, research and education in southern Sweden.

The project was aimed at radical innovation and transformation towards sustainability.


The residence was initiated in 2013 by / The Art Effect

as successor to the residence in Hällefors, central Sweden (2005 - 2011) .


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